8 Ways to Refresh Your Home Without a Renovation

Perhaps you are daydreaming of a more open kitchen or an updated, modern bathroom, but you aren’t quite ready to knock walls down and take on a major renovation.

If you’re feeling like making a change of scenery but aren’t quite ready to commit to a full remodel, consider using the following 8 tips to refresh your home. With a few easy changes, you can lift the atmosphere in your home and make it your own before taking on a big renovation.

Use Colours to Make Your Home Pop!

Eric Hernandez / Getty Images

Eric Hernandez / Getty Images

  1. Enhance the focal point in a room by painting one wall and introducing a punch of colour.

    To know which wall to choose, figure out where the eye naturally goes when entering a room. For example, in the living room, the wall where the mantle or the TV is would be a great choice for a feature wall. In the bedroom, you might choose the wall behind the bed’s headboard.

    • Feature walls provide great opportunities to play with colours and patterns in your home. You can use paint or a wallpaper to create an accent wall. Just make sure that the colour or pattern you choose goes well with the rest of your room. See #2 for colour matching.

      • Tandem Tip: Don’t put a feature wall in an already crowded room as it can feel chaotic. Use decluttering methods listed below to help with this.

    • Feature walls can also define a living space - this is great for open concept homes, where it may be hard to define areas. In a large room that is both living and dining area, you can use a feature wall to define the dining area and maybe a large area rug for the sitting space.

    • Do you have a frequently used closet or pantry? You can also paint the inside of this smaller space for a pop of colour.

  2. Revisit the colour wheel from your childhood when considering what to choose for your accent wall and what colour of decor items to pick up.

    • Complementary colours sit across from one another on the colour wheel. Because they are so far apart, these colours will be quite high contrast so you can use small doses to draw attention to certain features. Consider injecting two complementary colours in a room full of neutrals to give your eyes a place to rest between the pops of colour.

    • If this is too high contrast for you, consider going with split-complementary colours. Instead of choosing the colour directly opposite of your base, choose the two shades on either side of the opposite colour. For a calmer feel, go with more muted, less saturated versions.


Changes at Home to Improve Mental Health

A tidy home helps us have a calmer mind. Having too much clutter can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Thankfully, there are some little adjustments you can add to your home to make it feel more serene and improve your mental health.

3. Clutter can be vanquished with simple storage solutions!

  • Install lazy susans in kitchen cabinets to make your necessities more organized and easy to access.

  • Pick up affordable bins to organize the contents of your drawers.

  • Consider the Konmari method of ‘filing’ clothes vertically in your drawers so that you can quickly find which items of clothing you are looking for.

  • Hide away non-decorative items neatly in wicker baskets or metal bins on open shelves. The items are still easily accessible, but hidden in attractive containers.

  • When shopping for furniture, choose items that double as storage. Think ottomans that open up to store blankets and board games in the living room!

4. Carve out a quiet place specifically intended for relaxation.

Whether it’s a a corner of your room reserved for meditation and yoga or a reading nook - create a space intended only for serenity. Commit to spending 20 minutes in this place every day.

For a Meditation Corner: Adorn a corner of your home with a yoga mat, cushions, candles, a list of your positive affirmations, hanging plants and an essential oil diffuser or some incense. Just like that, you have a spot to meditate and do your stretches.

Stretching every morning improves brain activity, decreases body aches and pains, increases your energy level during the day and improves joint mobility. There are countless benefits of meditation (even if you start with just 5 minutes a day!), including increased clarity and decreased levels of stress and anxiety. This is an easy update to your home that can have a lasting positive impact on your mind.

For a Reading Nook: Choose an unused corner of your bedroom. Find a comfortable chair, one that you can really sink into. Keep a favourite soft, warm blanket on hand and a reading light. Carve out 20 minutes each night before bed to unplug from your devices and read a chapter of a book.

These small updates to your home

5. Calm Your Space with Essential Oils

You can choose from many types of essential oil diffusers - ones you can plug-in or simply use with a candle. Place one by the entrance of your home and in your bedroom so you are both welcomed home and fall asleep to a soft, calming scent. Lavender, rose, ylang ylang or bergamot essential oils are the top choices for reducing stress and anxiety.

Use Lighting to Transform Your Home.

Different types of lighting can transform the atmosphere of a room, whether it creates a vibrant area in the morning or a dark, cozy space in the evening.

6. Add several lighting options in the living room as it is a multi-use space.

Use a statement fixture in the middle of the room as general lighting and add accented floor and table lamps to create reading light and to brighten up dark corners.

7. Consider vintage style LED bulbs if you want a warmer feel in your home.

Rooms can feel unwelcoming and clinical when light is too bright and cold. Opting for warmer toned bulbs in rooms that don’t need to be so bright may help make it feel more calming. You can also opt for accent lamps in the form of…

8. Himalayan Salt Lamps! They emit a soft, pinkish warm hue that makes the ambience in any room it’s in more inviting.

There are many claims that the Himalayan salt also has health benefits, like eliminating negative ions in the air and thus reducing dust particles that may negatively affect your health, reducing allergy symptoms and increasing energy levels. It’s uncertain how true these health claims are as there aren’t that many studies done - but the warm glow of the light is very relaxing and when turned on while winding down before bed can lead to a more comfortable, deeper sleep.

Planning a renovation takes time - but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an elevated atmosphere in your home by playing with the little things as you decide on the details of your bigger projects.

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