Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Small spaces offer both charm and challenges. If done properly, they feel like cozy little hideaways. If not, they feel claustrophobic and cramped. Here are our tips to make the most of any small space.


Lighten Up


Revamp your space and use lighter colours on the walls and floors. Darker colours, though they look cool and moody, absorb light, making your space feel smaller. Lighter colours will reflect light and add more of it into your home. If you are interested in new floors for a smaller space, consider lighter coloured textures or perhaps a light coloured rug.

If you can, ditch window coverings and rugs. If you need the privacy for the room you are thinking about, consider light blinds and keep them open to let more light in.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Think Proportion, Not Size

Make sure the furniture you choose for your small space is right proportionally. Choose a sleeker sofa rather than one that is puffy to use your limited space wisely.

Choosing lower profile furniture like seating that is lower to the ground allows more airiness and openness in the room because of the increased headspace.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirrored surfaces provide optical illusions that a space is bigger than it is. Not only do they reflect light, but they also reflect the view - so use mirrors as decorative statement pieces and visual trickery.

Storage Ottoman from EQ3

Storage Ottoman from EQ3

Free Up Space

Make use of dual purpose hidden storage furniture like a storage ottoman or coffee table. Tall units are great when you want to have a little extra storage. You can also hang items behind closet and pantry doors.

Bigger is Better?

A tip that is a little counter intuitive. For smaller spaces, having multiple pieces of smaller decorative items can make a space feel crowded. Opt instead for fewer but larger pieces of decor, like a couple medium to large vases instead of a ton of small knick knacks and a large statement piece of art instead of a gallery wall to make a space feel more expansive.

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