Easy Ways To Bring Nature's Magic Into Your Home

Because we’re based in North Vancouver we are lucky to be so close to so much natural beauty. A walk in the woods is never too far away. But often we don’t make enough time to actually get out there and make the most of it.

Being out in nature can quiet the psyche and refresh the body. What if you brought that peaceful feeling into your home?

Consider the following ways to incorporate natural elements into your home.

Incorporate Plants and Flowers

Image Credit:    Get Real Surfaces

Image Credit: Get Real Surfaces

It may be an obvious choice but it's also a simple and effective one. Add potted plants around your home for a lively refresh to your space. Look into acquiring a garden wall, small trees, and climbing vines to add more green to your home. Not only will it increase the quality of air in your home, having so much green and lush life in your home is also very calming to the mind.

Tip: Plants increase oxygen levels, increasing the quality of air and keeping it free from pollutants.

Decorate with Precious Stones

Image Credit:    Energy Muse

Image Credit: Energy Muse

Rocks, gemstones, geodes, and other precious stones can add new dimensions of colors and textures into the home. These are natural elements that add a hint of nature and a pop of color to your table or shelf. You can even use stone coasters that your visitors will rave about.

Nautical Vibes

Image Credit:    Aabakc

Image Credit: Aabakc

If you've always had a fondness for all things beachy and nautical, incorporate designs inspired by the sea to bring seaside elements into your home. Mix fake coral ornaments and shells that you picked from the beach to give your coffee table or shelves for ocean vibe. Bring more nautical themes to your home with designs that use navy and white stripes, anchors and boats.

Branch Out With Nature

Image Credit:    Unique Decor and More

Image Credit: Unique Decor and More

Next time you’re walking along the beach see if you can find some driftwood that would look good in your home. Branches or driftwood can be a great focal element for a clear wall. Try twining fairy lights around these natural features for that magical vibe.

Rustic Simplicity

Image Credit:    Net Luxury

Image Credit: Net Luxury

When small accessories like branches and shells inspired from nature aren’t enough, maybe it’s time to search for those classic rustic pieces of furniture. Think a wooden farm table, a wicker chair or ottoman. There are plenty of talented woodworkers in the city who can build you the table of your dreams using reclaimed wood! Support local.

Paint In Earth Tones

Image Credit:    Brave New Eco

Image Credit: Brave New Eco

Give any space a speedy and simple makeover with a new palette on the walls. Pick natural and earthy tones like tans, greens, blues, and whites. For the interior walls, earth-tone paint hues can create either a cool or a warm environment. Certain rooms call for hues that are all more animated - like a clay red or deep forest green. Others call for a more peaceful palette - think lighter shades of green and tan. Next time you’re walking in the woods look around and you might find your next paint inspiration.

Incorporate the Smells of Nature

Image Credit:    Amara

Image Credit: Amara

We can never have too many candles. Next time you need to stock up on your favorite ambiance accessories, why not choose scents that remind you of the great outdoors? Crisp pine for the living room and lavender fields for the bedroom.


Image Credit:    http://inspiredme.co/

Image Credit: http://inspiredme.co/

There is nothing like a hammock for relaxing and unwinding. With the combination of weightlessness and a comforting cocoon-like design, the sublime hammock never goes out of style. Make your very own little heaven and have those relaxed island vibes any time of year by hanging a hammock in a room by a window, surrounded by plants. In some days when the weather is terrible and you need a moment to chill, simply hop into your relaxation cocoon.

Bring In Natural Sunlight

Image Credit:    http://jilliemae.com/

Image Credit: http://jilliemae.com/

One of the simplest, least expensive and most delightful natural elements that many disregard is daylight. Normal daylight can make any room light up, it makes colors pop and it makes people feel inspired and relaxed. Regardless of whether you use windows, regular light can have an impact like no other all through your living interiors.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for adding an earthy feel into your home. You can make your indoor spaces feel a little more like how you do out in nature with just a few small adjustments.

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