All About The Details

Carpentry is an art form and our crew prides ourselves on being tenacious at getting all the details right. Here are some examples of how members of the Tandem team went to the next level to perfect a project.

To create a perfect corner, we picked up a lock miter router bit which creates interlocking fingers with plenty of glue surface and a strong mechanical locking action. The result is a spectacularly clean and streamlined look.


Rather than using typical plastic venting, we routered vents directly on the hemlock soffit for a sleeker look.

We achieved this by crafting a router jig - a guide for the router that helps with precision in repetitive motions. 

Interior soffits are far less forgiving than exterior soffits, requiring a lot of precision.

In cases when there's no crown moulding, the end cuts are exposed. If the end cuts are not aligned, you'll certainly notice the difference in the gaps between the wall and the soffits.

You can tell the level of detail in the work through perfectly straight shadow lines as you can see in our soffit installation here. 

We built a set of floating steps with treads made of fir and a mitred waterfall edge, joined together like puzzle pieces. We finished it with atmospheric LED lighting.

When we focus on getting the tiny details are just right, the big picture looks even better.

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